Hi, I would like the following line of the code of conduct to be explained: “Students shall not wear garments that are revealing or see-through (including those that expose one’s midriff or otherwise potentially expose private parts of the body, such as tube tops and halters”. Why are tube tops and halters specified as potentially exposing- don’t all tops have the potential to expose midriff or private parts of the body? And if so, what is the significance of exposed midriff? Who is that distracting? Shouldn’t that line of the dress code be closer to “Students shall not wear garments that are see through, and students should be cautious of their garments potential to expose private parts of one’s body.” That way it exactly defines what is against the rules and allows students to wear clothes they are comfortabe in, even if it exposes small amounts of midriff or back. It’s not like kids have never seen someones stomach, they are not distracted by it!

Written by on March 5, 2020

A. Tube tops and halters tend to have wardrobe malfunctions.