Hi. I’m confused by the drop off lane at HSW. You enter by the Gowana pool and pull up next to the curb heading towards HSW. But the buses that are sitting there either waiting to drop off or are dropping of are blocking the drop off exit. They don’t leave the space open. So then you have to turn around and drive back out the entrance which isn’t really wide enough for incoming and outgoing traffic. Should the buses be blocking the drop off exit? Is there a certain window of time the drop off location isn’t available and we have to drop off in the actual HSW parking lot? Help!

Written by on November 1, 2019

A. Due to the high volume of buses that come to High School West to drop off students in the morning, the drop off exit in the pool parking lot needs to be blocked off from 7-7:20am.  Because of this, directional markings and signage will be placed by the exit instructing traffic to use the northern entrance/exit of this lot to return onto School Dr.