Hi. I’m writing in about this answer: Teachers and support staffers shall work the full length of their contractual obligations. — this was the answer about bus drivers and aides stating that they still get their “180 pay”. If that’s the case of staff working the full length of contractual obligations…. they owe 3+ months of free labor back to the school – they have already been paid for unworked hours. And they all got raises this year too. What’s your response to this please?

Written by on September 15, 2020

A. All school districts, like state agencies across New York, were required to keep all employees during the pivot to off-site learning in the Spring. Employees were utilized to provide instruction, clean and maintain buildings, provide hundreds of meals, disinfect buses and plan routes, support technology, and preserve business operations. Yes, many people worked virtually and those who were allowed to work in-person pursuant to the Governor’s Executive Order did so.