High School staff members spread joy with personal visits and care packages to over 100 students

Written by on March 25, 2021

Over 100 High School students received surprise visits and goodies yesterday from their administrators and counselors, many of whom they haven’t seen in person in a year.

The whole administrative team at the High School and three counselors visited 97 homes for a total of 106 students in grades 9-12 with personalized notes and care packages for each. Each care package included a Shen T-shirt, purchased by the PTSA, along with a small bag of candy and the personalized note.

The inspiration came out of a conversation with the student support counselors at High School East who had a vision of going to see students that they have not had the opportunity to see many times over the past year. The goal is to remind students that although this year looks very different than years past, their Shen family is still here routing for their success and is available to support them in any way.

“We wanted to spread some joy to students that have lost the normalcy of this school year with canceled and missed events, “ said Class Assistant Principal Jacki Michalski who organized and led the effort. “We hope this gesture will brighten their day and shed some positive light.”

Staff who participated in yesterday’s event were: Principal Ron Agostinoni; Associate Principals Lucas LaBarre, Cathleen Drago, Steve Smith and Michael Gutchell; Assistant Class Principals Kristen Lennon-McMahan, Dustin Verga, Jennifer Lee-Alden and Jackie Michalski; and counselors Niki Tebbano, Sarah Maddalena and Celia Dinneen.

Here are just a few of the positive comments from students, parents and teachers:

  • “We had such a wonderful delivery today! Thank you so much. Can’t tell you how much we appreciate it. It brightened the day for all of us. I am so grateful to be part of this school district with such caring, supportive people. It was funny to see all the principals at the door!”
  • “Thank you so much!!”
  • “That was very cool! Thanks so much for stopping by with the gift. My child is an awkward teenager but just so you know, he was all smiles. What a nice gesture”
  • “Just wanted to let you guys know that my students enjoyed the student drop-by and gifts that were brought to them so much. I kept getting emails from them telling me about how they were getting visits all day and how much it meant to them. Celia, you were at one of my student’s house when we were in class and he was so excited when he came back onto the Meet. He could not wait to tell me all about the goodies he received and his visit! This really made their days for sure!
  • “I just wanted you to know that you made my student’s day today! He came back to our class all excited that you were at his house with all the goodies. What a great thing for you to do for our kids!”

View the full photo album from yesterday’s event.

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