How is it possible for the school district to receive positive Covid results from the county health department with the last day of being on school grounds the day before? No tests are that quick. And if it was a rapid test, than that person was on school grounds while being symptomatic. Does this mean there are either students or faculty coming to the school while waiting for a Covid test result? If so, there needs to be repercussions to those individuals and made clear to the entire school population.

Written by on January 27, 2021

A. Symptoms of COVID -19 can have a rapid onset and testing results can be obtained in as little as an hour.  Therefore, it is possible for the district to be notified by the SCPHS of a positive when the person was on campus the previous day without any wrongdoing on the part of any individual.  We have numerous policies in place to prevent symptomatic individuals from coming onto the campus and we remain committed to using all the tools in our arsenal to stop the spread of covid in our school community.