I am a high school east student writing in concerns of the “award night”. Although one for high school east just passed, this comment is referring to the high school west award night, and also with the awards given out during middle school graduations. As a dedicated student, I constantly am putting school first over friends, and sometimes over family time on the weekend. I am on a shen sports team, and also lots of clubs to help contribute to the school. I have worked extremely hard this year to maintain good grades and also form strong relationships with my teachers. I am aware the purpose of the awards night is to perhaps give a confidence booster to some who need it, or simply recognizing a well rounded student. I am also aware that it is simply impossible to give awards to everyone who does deserve them. With that being said, it is really hurtful to the driven kids who don’t get any. While it may not seem like a big deal, it completely has deflated me, and some other of my peers who didn’t receive one. To work so hard all year, and to not get recognized, is such a disappointment. It makes me wonder why I put so much effort in this entire school year. Some kids really needed this, to prove that their work did not go unrecognized, and was appreciated, so they could finish out the year strong. Now I wonder why bother, clearly I’m not good enough anyway. Not only that, but the fact that some kids got two or three awards from different teachers, while some got none. If you’re not going to get rid of these award nights, shen should at least limit the awards to one per student. And send out a master list to the teachers so they know who already got one, and to pick someone else.

Written by on May 24, 2017 in Grapevine

A.  You have articulated your concerns in a very adult-like way.  This idea of awards is clearly an issue in which we can’t keep everyone happy.  In fact, in order to recognize more students, in the last few years we have established honor societies for art, world languages, math and science. While the intrinsic motivation you and your friends have is desirable and worthy of our respect, some of your classmates do not possess this.  We are proud of all of those students who work hard, succeed and represent our school in a positive way.  We are sorry that more students are not recognized. You are encouraged to sit down with the principal, Mr. Flynt, to brainstorm ways the school might recognize more students.  Be proud of your accomplishments.