I am almost late to my bus everyday (at HSW). I feel as if the buses are leaving too early (I take a shuttle bus). When I arrive on my bus, it leaves after less than a minute, which means if I was inside the school for just a minute longer, I would miss my bus. My friends have the same problem. I see so many kids literally running to their buses to not miss them. Also, running is not “allowed” in school (except gym) or near many kids as a safety hazard. So every time I run to my my bus, there is this lady SCREAMING at me. I see many kids with this problem. Can Shen please take a look as to holding the buses for at least 2 more minutes. I am (and so are my friends) fine with coming home only 2 minutes later. Please help, I’m exhausted :( Thank you, A Shen HSW student

Written by on February 21, 2020

A. The timing of the school buses arrival and departure is very complicated. My advice is to immediately go the bus after the last bell. Changing the departure time will impact HSE and we will face the same issue.