I am curious about the district’s stance on the 9/11 moment of silence law that the Governor just instituted this past week. I prepared my children yesterday, as I assumed Shen would encourage the remembrance of such a significant day in our nation’s and state’s history (as the Governor indicated all public schools should). When they came home I was told Karigon did not have one at all. As a parent I feel that was a negative oversight of the school.

Written by on October 1, 2019

A. This is the email message by the NYS Education Department forwarded to all of our schools:

Yesterday, we advised you of the new law establishing September 11th Remembrance Day, which allows for a brief moment of silence in public schools at the beginning of the school day on September 11th. As an update to that message, it is intended that only high schools are required to participate in the moment of silence tomorrow morning with additional schools participating next year.