I am having issues attaching PDFs inside my Google Classroom. Can you provide any information on this issue?

Written by on March 9, 2021

A. IMS has been researching an emerging issue concerning attachments primarily with PDFs inside of Google Classroom. It is an issue that occurred last year and was marked as resolved, but has now been re-opened and is being re-investigated.

The reported issues regarding attachments and PDF files are:

1.)  Students do not see a copy of files assigned by a teacher in Classroom
2.)  This is only impacting a small percentage of students, and is not impacting all students
3.)  This is a systemic issue with Classroom, not an issue internal to just Shen
Workarounds include:
1.)  Directly sharing copies of attachments and/or PDF files by Gmail
2.)  Sharing files with students/teachers directly from Google Drive
As this is a universal issue, we are awaiting a global Classroom solution/fix from Google in the near future.  When this has been resolved, we will provide an update. If you are impacted by this issue, please submit a help desk ticket including a screenshot that IMS can forward straight to Google.