I am in Gowana MS. My portal says that my bus is supposed to pick me up at 8:22 AM. This hasn’t ever happened. My bus is at least 7 minutes late every day. One time, it was later than the first day of school (8:35 AM). The route number is 303a On my afternoon bus, my bus driver blares a football talk show over the whole bus. This is annoying and for some people, requires them to shout over the radio. I don’t know if this is policy now, but he makes us do “crossers first”. This makes people walk away from their houses and I really don’t see much of a benefit

Written by on November 30, 2017 in Grapevine

A.  The pickup time that is on the portal is a computer generated time from our routing database. The computer generated pickup time is just that, this is why we ask that students wait outside for the bus at least 10 minutes prior to the pickup time. Since we are now well into the school year and the bus is arriving seven minutes later than the computer generated time, you can rest assured that that is the time that you will see it arrive every day. The first day of school, matter of fact the first few days of school most of the buses do run late as we all work to settle the routes down as this is inherent to school transportation. With respect to crossers first, it is an SED requirement that school bus drivers cross all crossers first before others disembark.