I am sure this is not the first comment today about the weather but I feel it is important to share my strong concerns. Not having a 2 hour delay today was irresponsible on the part of the district. Why? What are we trying to prove? It is arrogant and inconsiderate. The vast majority of schools in the capital district had delays or closings. The roads were horrible. A two hour delay allows plows to get the road clear. I saw over 5 cars off the road. Safety is talked about constantly- What about this type of safety? Mental health is supposedly a priority but not reflected in choices we make to keep children, faculty and staff safe? Creating chaos at schools only creates a situation where more can go wrong and increases threat. You got it wrong today. State funding? Number of days in attendance? Professional development that can’t be rescheduled? Not worth the risk. I hope no one got seriously injured today. It has happened in the past. Shame on you. Yes, we live in upstate New York as you have mentioned in the past but this was ridiculous.

Written by on November 19, 2019

A. STATE FUNDING IS NOT WITHHELD FOR SNOWDAYS, it has nothing to do with it. We live in upstate New York. It’s November. We can have this type of weather every day for the next five months. We always encourage people to send their children on the bus on snow days. If, as a parent, you believe that it is unsafe, you have the right to keep your child home.