I had the extreme misfortune of picking my son up from HSE yesterday at dismissal. Besides the mass chaos of that many students leaving the building at the same time, I was horrified at the way student drivers handled themselves in the parking lot. I have gotten several emails as a parent to be cautious of student driver still learning the ropes. If parents knew how unsafe their seniors were driving, I question whether they would be freely given the keys. I am not exaggerating when I say a car drove past me on the wrong side of the aisle (while everyone else waited their turn to exit), honking their horn and cutting off the whole line to make their own exit at the far end of the parking lot nearest the road. Unless they were on their way to the hospital, driving that way is inexcusable. Something needs to be done! Clearly the campus patrol who is directing traffic cannot handle it all by himself. Maybe a police presence? I’m sure it would only take a couple days and some revoked parking permits to make a change. I am very upset at what I saw. It was really that bad. Driving to school is a privilege not a right!

Written by on December 18, 2018

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