I have a brief question concerning pre-homeroom policy in High School West. This morning, I was walking with my friend and she had to stop at her locker. I was walking with her, and when we turned into the science hallway, where her locker is located, a monitor immediately leaped into action, demanding answers from us as to where we were going and why, and would not allow me to accompany my friend to her locker. Later, that same morning, I was walking with two other friends, and one of them was sick and had to tell her teachers that she would be absent during their class. The monitor would not allow us to accompany our sick friend, who was forced to walk to each of her classes by herself. I have heard that the reason for not allowing students in this hallway is to prevent fights, which I acknowledge is an issue, but maybe, a better purpose for the monitors, instead of nagging accelerated-honors students trying to make the most of their high school career, and the little time they have during the day to see their friends, would be to stand in the back of the hallway and prevent fights. I am not completely blaming the monitors, as I understand that they must follow protocol. What can be done to resolve this, allowing honorable students to walk freely as originally intended, and mal-intentful students to remain under closely-watched supervision?

Written by on November 30, 2017 in Grapevine

A.  Hall monitors are instructed to supervise students in the halls, making sure those in the halls during class periods have permission to be there.  If there is any concern in the future, please see a building administrator the day you have that particular concern so it can be addressed accordingly.