I have a few questions about National Junior Honor Society and National Honor Society. Do you have to do NJHS to get into NHS? And if not, how do you apply for NHS in high school? I also heard that students who do both will have a better chance at getting scholarships and grants to college than students who don’t. Is this true?

Written by on February 17, 2016 in Grapevine

A.  NHS at the high school is based on achievement, character, leadership and service.  There is a minimum Grade Point Average to be considered and an application process that students complete.  While entrance into the local Shen chapter of the National Honor Society is prestigious at our school, it has almost no bearing on scholarships and grants from schools which are need based (often dependent on family income, assets, and number of school-aged students in the family) and merit based (dependent on student’s academic achievement and whatever criteria the college creates).  Acceptance into the NHS will not impact these scholarships or grants since each high school creates their own academic achievement criteria for acceptance into the group.