I have just been informed that Swastika’s and the Confederate flag are not banned on Shen Campus. I would like to know why. People think the Confederate flag represents Southern Heritage but it is most commonly known as a symbol for pro-slavery. This is horrible. Why isn’t it banned? Though it may have different meanings I am sure it makes a lot of students and staff uncomfortable. Swastika’s I can understand if teachers use them in presentations if teaching about WW2, But other then that they should be banned. And you could make the argument that students and staff don’t use these symbols, But I expected all students and teachers to have the common human decency to not use those symbols…But the fact that Shen doesn’t even care or bother to ban them is what is upsetting. Even if these symbols may represent “heritage”.

Written by on September 25, 2020

A. Your information is incorrect. Both are not allowed.