I know you guys use Sonicwall or something which could be its own seperate thing and I know I don’t know how these things work, but did shen have to disable the voice to text on google docs? I don’t see why as the microphone works for other applications, so they didn’t just disable it outright, and its not like it is a form of cheating or anything. If anything it helps students who struggle with putting their words on paper or when students are getting worn out by long writing documents. I just feel like these could be a helpful tool but it is disabled. It would be helpful to know why this is or maybe have someone change this? Thank you for your time, A concerned student.

Written by on December 6, 2019

A. Voice Typing in docs is enabled for users on district devices.  However, as a protection the feature prompts users to allow the use of the microphone each time.  To use Voice Typing in a Google Doc select Tools, Voice Typing, permit the use of the microphone and then click on the microphone to begin dictating.