I normally take my computer to other public places in the community like the library to work. However, when connecting to WIFI, my computer connects and so does Safari and other Chrome accounts. However, this school account on every webpage gives me the webpage is not available error as the site may be down. This only happens on the ShenSchools account in Chrome. Is there a setting that the IMS has put on here to restrict certain WIFIs or something? Is it possible to get this fixed? This only happens on this account on the Chrome app on my MacBook. This does not happen on 7th Grade Chromebooks.

Written by on November 21, 2017 in Grapevine

A.  Staff and students are invited to connect to the SHEN-BYOD wireless network.  After connecting users much open their browser and enter the shenet username and password at wifi.shenet.org.  After clicking I agree the user will then be connected to the network.  Detailed instructions can be found here.

To maintain compliance with the Child Internet Protection Act BYOD devices using VPN’s will also be blocked from connecting to the district WiFi.