I realize buses have to follow laws but will anything be done in the near future to widen 146 to allow a better flow of traffic? Buses will not even remotely put a tire on the white line to go into the turning lane, thus blocking traffic going straight as well as no cars being able to go into the turning lane. this significantly backs up traffic all the way to Cumberland farms each morning. Then buses left every bus turn in front of them further delaying traffic. I have a commute to work in the a.m. and this road is not owned by Shen yet the buses seem like bullies and own the road each morning. How can Shen resolve this? This gets worse every year. Thank you for your time.

Written by on May 3, 2019

A. The district doesn’t control that road…however, this summer we are revamping the campus roads that empty out onto 146 to alleviate traffic problems on campus.