I saw recently that Shen received the No Place for Hate award a couple weeks ago and i’m very confused on why shen received this award. I remember having all the parents receive an email from the superintendent during november of 2016 about an increase of bullying towards specific groups of students (race, religion, sexual preference/identity etc.). Also as a student of Shenendehowa walking within the halls and on the buses and the cafeteria, I’ve heard people using racial slurs in a way like they are daily vocab, sometimes to people who would feel offended if they were called this directly. Shen would like to think that it was a lovely accepting place for all people but its not and we definitely should not be recognized as one.

Written by on June 13, 2017 in Grapevine

A. Thanks for your feedback. As the No Place for Hate designation stipulates, it is the goal of the district to stamp out hate and foster welcoming environments for all students and employees. It implies continuous work and improvement, not completion.