I think that closing the benches in high school east is unfair and pointless. The library is currently closed which is where the vast majority of students would normally go when they needed to get homework completed. We are advised to go to the little theater which is hard to do work in when it’s an auditorium, the cafeteria which is loud so no work can be done or the benches. The benches are a more quiet environment where I went to get my work done because there were no distractions. I don’t understand what closing half of the benches does. It has made it so crowded when there is a large amount of space being wasted. I don’t know what is with this school closing litterally everything , from bathrooms, the front hallways and now the benches…. this needs to change. Thank you

Written by on December 18, 2018

A.  While a portion of the South Benches was closed the North Benches were opened up. In total there is now more space available to students on the benches than before.