I understand that it is probably a school rule that some websites are blocked, but some websites we need for school we aren’t allowed to use. On top of that the note is now blocking vpns which we need to use Snapchat which is now a common tool in all classrooms. This is unfair for everyone especially people without data to use.

Written by on June 2, 2017 in Grapevine

A.  Schools are mandated under the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA) to filter Internet traffic.  For the most part sites are blocked by categories.  The site in each category are continually updated using data from across the globe.  On occasion valid instructional sites are blocked when added to the wrong category.  When this happens teachers/administrators can submit a helpdesk ticket asking that the site be unblocked.  These requests are evaluated and often unblocked.  Some sites that seem appropriate, however, pull content/advertisements from unknown and potentially harmful sources that can’t be verified.  As such those sites cannot be unblocked.

The Shenendehowa BYOD Policy prohibits the use of VPN’s or other tools that circumvent the school district’s firewall and content filter.  This insures that all Internet traffic is filtered, protecting students and staff from inappropriate content, malicious downloads and complying with the CIPA mandate.  The BYOD policy also prohibits the use of personal data plans on BYOD devices.  While on campus BYOD devices must connected to SHEN-BYOD for Internet access.