I want to say how nice it is to see the middle school kids at Acadia being able to go outside, run around and just get some fresh air. This is an excellent idea. Thanks you for thinking of the kids needs! Also, I want to say I’m not impressed with the new announcement site for Acadia. In the past the daily announcements were left up for a few days and included much more information. My kids are not the best at letting me know what is going on at school and I used the daily announcements as a tool to keep up with what is happening at Acadia. But I am not able to look every day at them. They use to include field trips, intermurals and club meetings. My child would have missed a field trip if I didn’t happen to talk with another parent. Please go back to the old information on the daily announcements. Thanks

Written by on December 18, 2018 in Grapevine

A. Acadia will keep the announcements on longer.