I wanted to comment on the person who felt all athletes should make a team and have no cuts. While that’s a nice thought, it’s not realistic. As it is some teams have many more athletes than necessary for the roster. Those “extra” kids ultimately sit the bench and sometimes never get in the game. Then those athletes are embarrassed because their friends and families come to watch them play and then never touch the field. I have a daughter who has been cut and a daughter who will be successful at sports until she graduates. There is no easy answer. If your child is cut, they can still work at their deficiencies and come back and try out next year. Many coaches respect that effort and give them another chance. (And my daughter was given very detailed feedback from the coach on what she needed to work on and I appreciated that!) Do you really want to make a team where you’ll never play? That’s a huge time investment for the athlete and family. My daughter who was cut would rather be cut and find a new club or sport to join, vs never getting on the field. Sports at Shen are competitive due to our number of students, not because Shen just wants to win win win. It’s not the same as being at a smaller school, but we follow the same formula as all the other schools. Our rosters are bloated to allow more students to make a team. Letting everyone make a team is not a realistic answer.

Written by on October 17, 2017 in Grapevine

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