I wanted to provide feedback on the Gowana moving up ceremony. It was a beautiful ceremony and I love that they continue to hold it at night. The only thing I wish they did was present teacher given awards and also recognize students with academic excellence coupled with being a Shen athlete. I remember years ago sitting through my older daughter’s Gowana moving up ceremony, and there were many (and I mean many) academic awards handed out for the specific subjects. I also know Acadia had teacher awards for students. It seemed as though Gowana only had a handful of awards and they were all tied to community service, PTA or extracurricular activities. (other than the top two averages being recognized.). I know in the program we recognized 90% average and above with an * but maybe special recognition for 95% and above? Or again let the teachers hand out an award to a male and female that they would like to recognize. The other schools also had counselor awards. It just seemed like all the awards given out were limiting by design. No award was just an “all-around “ award. Ex. There was no great student, great personality, caring, overcome challenges, great athlete, etc. With our current awards, if you didn’t do extracurriculars you weren’t considered. If you didn’t do community service you weren’t considered. Being an all-around excellent student and Gowana citizen wasn’t enough. There should be a few “all-around” awards. I am sure that the teachers would love to nominate some of their students for awards- it would’ve been nice for those students to be recognized.

Written by on August 9, 2019

A. Thanks for the feedback.