I was in Chorus and my select choir today first and second period. Our choral teacher was absent so there was a substitute who had us just watching old Shen musicals. For the first period, everyone was fooling around and using their phones, not caring at all to the play and neither was the sub paying attention to the students. I had a single earbud in and, mind you, was scrolling through songs on my MP3 player, that’s right, not even a cell phone. The second period everything was the same, however, a few minutes in the sub comes up behind me and snatches it so hard that she broke the only pair of earbuds I have and literally use for everything. There was no warning and nobody was paying attention to the play! I was stunned, but assumed that I would just retrieve it at the end of the period since there were no warnings and she had never said that devices weren’t permitted. However, she did not give it to me even after I calmly explained my situation and she brought it to the main office. I understand that when students use devices when they have been intructed to put them away or disobey the code of conduct they should be punished, but this wasn’t in those lines. I hadn’t been told, nor anybody else (whom she didn’t remove their devices) that they weren’t allowed. Isn’t this abuse of power?

Written by on January 9, 2019 in Grapevine

A. Please speak with your teacher or your principal if you have a concern about a substitute.