I was just wondering if any of the Shen school buildings have MERV-13 filters? Opening windows to help with ventilation is only going to last so long when the snow flies!

Written by on September 15, 2020

A. All HVAC systems across  the district have been thoroughly assessed, repaired and/or upgraded by an outside company that specializes in doing so. All filters have been changed across the districts for opening day and will be changed 4 times per year, verus the customary once per year that occurs in most businesses and households. All classroom systems are equipped with the highest rated filter possible for those size spaces, a Merv 8. All large rooftop exchange systems servicing large area like auditoriums, cafeterias, gymnasiums are equipped for Merv 13 filters. The district has several deliveries in route to ensure an ample supply of filters are on site considering global demand. For as long as the weather (outside temperature) allows, the district will take advantage of maximum circulation of air to and from outside, both through the HVAC system and with open windows to provide the best possible ventilation.