I would like to express gratitude for the district for its courage and compassion in creating a safe prayer space for all students. Those criticizing it are simply using it as an opportunity to spout their anti-Muslim, anti-anyone different hate. Any student who wants to pray may go there and do so. The reason the room is focused on Muslims is simply because they are the ONLY student show asked for a place to pray. As Christians, we are off for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Good Friday, Easter. The school calendar accommodates our faith. It is not asking a great deal to have a quiet place to pray during a free period when one is in school on a holy day in your faith. And any student can pray there. Honestly, whether it be the anger over the transgendered students needing to use a bathroom, or the not very subtle racism against Blacks students heard daily, or the anti-Muslim prayer room chatter, or the intolerance of gay teachers and students, I am disgusted by the mean-spirited ignorance of this community. I am sure ever parent would want compassion for their child. Why is it so hard to be compassionate for other people’s children? I hope the district continues to stand on the right side of history, even if the community and the country is not at the moment.

Written by on June 12, 2017 in Grapevine

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