I’m a bit concerned over a dinner conversation that we had this evening regarding vaping. My child shared the fact that 4 girls were caught VAPING in the Girl’s Room at HSW and they received no punishment! I’m appauled that the administration in my child’s building doesn’t take this seriously!!!! Do they not see what is happening around the country with regard to teens dying over this? When other students see that there are no consequences handed out for bad choices, you taught a lesson and it’s the wrong one! I would have hoped that my child told this story, leading up to the crescendo that was one speaking to punishment (a deterrent) that was handed out. Discipline takes work and is sometimes harder on the person giving it because they must see it through.

Written by on December 6, 2019

A. Students found vaping are disciplined according to the Code of Conduct.  In an effort to teach those with vaping offenses about the dangers of these products, high school administration refers students to community programs whenever possible as an alternative to suspension, following through with these pupils to ensure their participation in and fulfillment of what these programs require of them.