I’m at high school east and my last block is at the back of the school. Every single day of this year I have exited the school by the doors next to gym 2 and walked around and through the parking lot where the building is getting worked on to find my back bus. Today an old aid very rudely stopped me and told me I wasn’t able to go this way. I tried explaining that I will miss the bus if I go any other way, I hardly make it when I go the way I always do, and he said if I do it again I will get a referral. Am I permitted to continue walking the path I have always gone or am I really not allowed to go this way? And if not, where do I go to avoid missing my bus?

Written by on December 16, 2020

A. You need to follow the directions that you are given by the adult. If you have a concern, please contact your principal.