Important information regarding the NYS Public Dashboard for COVID-19, contact-tracing protocols and self-certification…

Written by on September 25, 2020

New York State Public Dashboard for COVID-19 School Reporting 

On September 8, Governor Cuomo announced the launch of “The COVID-19 Report Card,” an online dashboard which tracks real-time COVID-19 infections and testing operations of every New York school and school district (  

The Executive Order directs schools, local health departments, labs and all testing sites  to properly collect and report COVID-19 testing data for students and staff at each school in New York State. The daily report includes the number of students/staff who have been tested and the results (negative/positive). 

It is important to note that information on the dashboard is populated by both the NYS Department of Health and the Shenendehowa Central School District

  • Data input by the NYS DOH represents cases based on addresses. This means that students who live in the district, but may not necessarily attend one of the Shenendehowa schools, such as students who attend private school, home school students, etc., will still appear as a positive case for the Shenendehowa School District based on the district’s boundaries.  

Further, in some instances, the district is not aware of the details of a case input into the dashboard by the NYSDOH.  For example, if a test is conducted out of the area or county, the case may appear on the dashboard for the school district before district officials are notified by the Saratoga Public Health Department, who has to be first notified by the county in which the test was completed. If a case appears on the dashboard that the district is unaware of, the Shenendehowa COVID Response Team, which includes the Superintendent of Schools, will work with Saratoga Public Health to investigate and determine if it is a Shenendehowa student or staff member to begin contact tracing protocols if necessary.

  • Data input by Shenendehowa Central School District – Data that is input into the dashboard by Shenendehowa, represents cases that the Shenendehowa COVID Response Team investigated in conjunction with the Saratoga Public Health, and complete an extensive contact tracing process. The district immediately sends out communications about all such cases to the employees, parents and the public at large.

Video Message for Contact-tracing Protocols

Please review the video message from Superintendent Dr. L. Robinson, explaining the contact tracing process and seeking the community’s support to help mitigate the spread of COVID -19 ( It is truly a community responsibility.

Important Update for Self-Certify emails for Parents

Due to recent New York State Department of Health requirements, all students, whether in-person or virtual must be certified every school day.  This includes Complete Virtual Learning (CVL) students and virtual days for students in grades 7-12.

We are aware that some parents have not received the daily self-certification emails due to certain email extensions being blocked by the Spectrum Internet filters…the most common one being blocked is the @nycap address emails. The vendor contracted to develop and monitor the software application, EdVistas, has resolved the issue.  All parents should now receive the daily self-certify email, effective Monday, September 28th.  If you continue to have issues, or do not receive the daily self-certification, please contact your child’s school. 

As a backup option, if you have a previous email for your child’s certification, (whether in inbox or trash), you can click on the link and fill it out.  It will repopulate for that date of certification.