In a time when we strive so hard to have inclusive classrooms and supportive learning environments of all abilities, why are children with allergies allowed to continually be excluded? At the elementary level too much surrounds food. Classroom parties; birthday treats; Kindergarten graduation cakes; candy as reading rewards; ice cream truck visits; pizza lunches; popcorn parties. I have spoken with my child’s teacher and their indifference is sad and infuriating. They told me it is unfortunate how one child can ruin it for an entire class. My interactions with the building principal have not gone much better. There needs to be consistent policies within the district. Not only are each of the buildings operated differently, but, in some cases each classroom operates differently. That is unfair to all the children. We have birthday treats, but, not next door. And an allergy is medical and out of anyone’s control. And the nurses should be enforcing more too. The health offices should not be storing party treats for the building because they have a refrigerator and a freezer. The resources there are for students and medications, not your ice cream sundae supplies. I hope this is reviewed and taken seriously not just disregarded with a thank you for your feedback.

Written by on August 9, 2019

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