Information about the Oversight of School Safety Planning Requirements Report…

Written by on April 16, 2019

In 2016, Shenendehowa volunteered to participate in a safety audit to improve communications of safety regulations between NYS Education department and school districts conducted by the New York State Comptoller’s office.  The audit covers the period of September 2016-2018. While the report largely focused on the state education department’s oversight responsibilities, it did find that some school district were not in full compliance with the process for approving safety plans.

Directly from the Oversight of School Safety Planning  Requirements Report:

“In addition, due to the Department’s lack of oversight, School Districts did not consistently: annually adopt their safety plans in accordance with Department guidance, hold public hearings on the plans, appoint district-wide safety teams including all required representatives, or train employees on the plans.”

Shenendehowa is in full compliance with all listed above. The one point identified by the comptroller but does not appear in this audit report is that there must be 30 days between when the districtwide safety plan is presented to the public and school board approval.

”We volunteered for this audit to improve the communication process and safety protocols,” said Superintendent Dr. L. Oliver Robinson. “Shen takes great pride in the tremendous steps taken to enhance training, drills, resources and relationships and will continue to do what is necessary to ensure schools are safe and conducive to learning.”