instead of just suspending kids for fighting and contacting the police shen should just make the kids learn from their mistakes, for example if 2 kids fight they should go to counseling together to figure out their problem instead of giving them a criminal record. and another example (made up) if a kid makes a large mess in the cafeteria they shouldn’t be written up or anything they should just have to clean it up. the current administration at shen teaches kids to fear them instead of teaching them respect. giving kids a criminal record doesn’t fix anything and only makes the kids more violent instead of fixing the actual problem

Written by on March 5, 2020

A. If there is an altercation it is typically under the purview of the parents (depending on age of students) of those involved to contact law enforcement. School administration is focused on enforcing the code of conduct in a manner that is consistent and safe for all Shen students.