Is there a district position on an elementary school PTA hosting a ‘gala’ to raise general funds (not for a specific purchase)? PTA’s are not independent. The school squashes ideas all the time. It seems exclusionary to have an event with a $90 per couple price tag (plus baby sitting, raffle tickets, auctions, etc.) I understand fundraising, but not treating the PTA (and in turn the school) as a charity. Begging local businesses for donations as if the elementary school is a real charity does not sit well when explaining to our kids what charity is.

Written by on January 26, 2016 in Grapevine

A.  While the PTA is affiliated with a school or district, it is actually autonomous from the district in terms of having its own bylaws, protocols, budgeting, accountability, liability coverage, governance structure and standards for membership. With that said, it is within their determination to have a fundraiser. The district policy allows fundraisers, under certain circumstances. This fundraiser does not, in fact, violate district policy.