Is there any way that a meeting for teachers and faculty could be set up for HSW and HSE teachers exposing the dangers of what emailing parents can do? Especially if already speaking and coming up with a solution with the student, emailing home should be a last measure. I don’t think many teachers realize that not all parents are the type to sit down and talk things through with their children, and instead by emailing home they are subjecting their students to hours of physical or mental abuse. If the teacher is having issues with a student, instead of emailing home first they should maybe try to schedule a meeting with the child during a free period or after school. From this message, you might suggest to speak to a principal on a specific circumstance with a specific teacher or student, but again individualizing an experience or speaking to a principal first hand could also possibly lead to the abuse only getting worse, which is why I assumed that an anonymous message for a situation to be resolved by talking to all teachers would resolve this situation in the most suitable way. In these situations teachers need to think of the safety of their children who might be in an incredibly toxic and abusive situation that these teachers could potentially be contributing to.

Written by on December 18, 2018

A. Thank you, but you really should speak with an adult…either a counselor, teacher or principal.