Is there any way that I can find the songs that the elementary schools play in Morning Program? I haven’t been in morning program for a long time, and I just want to hear those songs again.

Written by on April 6, 2021

A. With morning program currently postponed due to COVID, we are looking forward to the return of these songs. Patriotic Songs: We Love the U.S.A., Fifty Nifty United States, America, God Bless the U.S.A., The United States, America , I Hear You Sing, Grand Old Flag, This Land Is Your Land, This Is My Country. Other fun songs: Baby Beluga, Rainbow Connection, Bucket Filler, I Think You’re Wonderful, See Me Beautiful, Big Rock Candy Mountain, Country Roads, Adios Amigo, Big Beautiful Planet, Power to Change the World, Tie Me Down Kangaroo Down Sport, Down By the Bay, Everybody Needs to Get Along, Brush Your Teeth, All I Really Need, ABC’s of You, Four Hugs A Day, Hooray For the World, I Feel Proud, I’m A Person, Imagination, It’s Science, Getting To Know You, Hey, We’ll Fill the World with Love, Peacemakers, Teaching Peace.