It is November 19th and despite unclear roads and heavy snowfall, students are still in school today. Some teachers are not even in school yet, presumably due to the weather. Why does Shen refuse to use a 2-hour or even a one hour delay? I understand not wasting a snow day this early on in the year, but why does Shen insist on putting its students in danger? They put students on buses or tell them to drive themselves as if the roads are dry and clear, but there is snow and ice and slush everywhere, and the potential for accidents to occur exponentially more often than they usually would. I would just like to know why the choice was to not use a delay today (as plenty of other schools have), and I would like to request a legitimate answer. Respectfully, A concerned member of the Shen community

Written by on November 19, 2019

A. We never ask students or parents to drive. We have buses to accommodate every single child. On snowy days we encourage students to take the bus.