It’s really pretty sad that the district continues to play dumb about why the teachers are wearing black and arriving in large groups at various activities. There are any number of union leaders within the district you can reach out to for comment. It’s disingenuous, disrespectful and disconcerting that you pretend otherwise. I believe the purpose of this blog is to “…get answer to questions and to address rumors.” So address the following rumor please. “The reason Shen teachers are showing up en masse and in black is because the district is not honoring their obligation per the current contract in terms of emergency days.”

Written by on June 5, 2019

A. Thank you for the clarification. The district has a different interpretation of the contract seeking to maximize instructional time for students. Contract disputes occur from time to time among all employee groups. The district abides by the clearly identified resolution process in Education Law and as stipulated in the contract.