Just learned from my grandaughter that Shen is not social distancing on school buses. She is forced to sit in the same bench seat with another student, less than 1 foot apart. The busdriver told her this is the permanent assignment. This is NOT covid safe. Shen had indicated each student would have individual bench seat! How can Shen risk lives like this?! Unbelievable. Considering contacting channel 10 news.

Written by on September 15, 2020

A. Thank you for sharing your concern. Shen never stated that each student would get his or her seat. Shen stated that we will attempt to load buses between 50-75%. Some buses may have one student to a seat while others may have two to the seat, this is the reason for mandatory wearing of face masks by students and staff. CDC guidance states that face-covering must be worn if social distancing¬†can’t be obtained.¬†