Karigon Elementary PTA presents Honorary Life Award to Jennifer Berkun and Tom Jones! Click for more information…

Written by on March 15, 2021
The Karigon PTA presented their PTA Honorary Life Award to Jennifer Berkun & Tom Jones! As one of the previous Karigon PTA Co-Presidents, Jenn brought creativity into PTA leadership. She has been a mastermind behind the Monster Mash event has always amazed members with her ideas!
Tom Jones is Karigon’s Head Custodian and has lead his team in maintaining a top notch environment for our students — exemplified tremendously during COVID. The custodial team is highly recognized by the students, teachers and staff of Karigon. In the spirit of ‘behind every great leader is an even better team’ the PTA did honor each member of the custodial staff on Friday with a mini-celebration. Huge thank yous go out to Brian, Fred, Steve, Dan, Jake and Renee for their hard work everyday!

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