Law states that school buses are to follow the same traffic laws as other vehicles and are NOT to stop the flow of traffic. Why then do buses stop traffic to let all other buses out in front of them? There are lines of cars and a bus will stop and let several buses go before them. That is blocking the flow of traffic is it not? I realize buses need to follow a schedule but they will not let cars out in front of them thus significantly blocking traffic. Bus drivers need to realize that others are also on time constraints – not just them. They need to keep traffic flowing smoothly and follow the laws.

Written by on June 5, 2019

A. Thanks for sharing…this is a concern we’ve addressed and will continue to address. Next time you see this, please email  or call the director of transportation with the specific bus number, date and time so he can address the specific driver(s) instead of using the Grapevine forum as too much time would have gone by.