Mental Health Services at Shenendehowa…

Written by on August 22, 2017 in District News

Shenendehowa Central School District is committed to working continuously and in partnership with the community to ensure all students demonstrate the knowledge, skills, abilities and character needed to live useful, productive and rewarding lives.  It comes with great enthusiasm that we are announcing that our partnership between Saratoga Center for the Family and the District is expanding for the 2017-18 school year.  Student Empowerment Services at Shenendehowa will be offering a range of mental health services that provide effective treatment options and supports to help identified students and their families. These supplemental services will be rendered at schools, clinics and through various programs outside of the school.  These supplemental services include but are not limited to:

  • Individual, family and group mental health counseling
  • Consultation with classroom teachers on mental health interventions for individual students
  • Mental health promotion, awareness and education
  • Crisis Prevention, Intervention and Treatment
  • Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Treatment
  • Education and Awareness regarding Self Injury
  • Personal Safety
  • Parent education & training
  • Educationally Related Mental Health Services

School-based mental health services are very similar to the outpatient mental health services provided at Saratoga Center for the Family’s main office. A therapist will be housed at Arongen/Shatekon Elementary School, Shenendehowa High School East and West, Shenendehowa Middle School’s and Orienda/Karigon beginning in September 2017 to provide therapeutic services to our students.

A significant benefit is that children who would typically miss more than an hour of the school day to attend a session at the main office will now miss less than an hour but receive the same service. Additionally, parents will not have to miss work to retrieve their child from school and take them to an offsite location. For parents of children in our school district, this could mean not missing two to three hours of work as well as saving in transportation costs.

Student Empowerment Services at Shenendehowa provides screenings to all referred children; assess the need for mental health treatment and appropriateness for services if indicated. Once admitted to the program, therapists will work with caregivers and children to develop appropriate treatment plans to address mental health concerns. Ongoing services that will be provided include individual therapy for the child, regular contact and collateral sessions with caregiver to address any concerns at home, family therapy sessions, and consultation with teachers and school staff to support intervention for any classroom issues. These services will be provided in the school during the school day as well as after before and after school hours and will be offered during summer.

To refer your child for individual mental health counseling please contact your child’s school counselor or contact the intake coordinator at Saratoga Center for the Family at 587-8008 ext 314.