Message from Superintendent of Schools Dr. L. Oliver Robinson | February Break

Written by on February 11, 2021

We are approaching another milestone, February Break, on our journey and commitment to keep our schools open. As we reflect and look back at the past, we do so to find that spark of hope to light the way for a more prosperous future. I want to applaud each of you on the community’s collective effort to put COVID in the rearview mirror. 

Mask Up…Help Stop the Spread

Thank you for doing your part with mask wearing, social distancing, participating in rapid testing, and signing up for the vaccine (where available). It is vital that we stay the course during the week of February Break and avoid a spike in COVID cases. Mask up. Help stop the spread.

Prospect of Relaxed Restrictions

Rules and regulations at the federal, state and local levels are being reviewed and revamped, seemingly on a daily basis. As more individuals get vaccinated, the closer we move to herd immunity. As the infection rate decreases, the more we can look to have restrictions relaxed. These changes are being monitored closely as we plan for the remainder of this school year and the start of the 2021-2022 school year. The future looks bright and we are steadfast in our commitment to excellence.


Winter sports have begun and spring sports are being planned. Girls and Boys basketball and hockey are competing while wrestling and cheer are practicing and gearing up for competition. Football and volleyball are in the planning stages for their season, which this year will take place in March and April. Student-athletes are committed to following the COVID safety protocols and consent is being sought for them to participate in random rapid testing as needed. These are exciting times for our student-athletes.

As a part of the district’s compliance plan, a special email and phone number has been established for the public to share legitimate concerns about teams and athletes’ compliance with applicable COVID protocols. 

We are also advocating feverishly that restrictions be relaxed for the performing arts (music, drama, etc.). Student engagement is so critical, particularly as we look to continue our dedicated efforts to put COVID behind us. We are confident that we can do more and do more safely.

The journey of a thousand miles is traveled one step at a time. We are doing great things. We are doing great things together. Stay the course and remain committed to stopping the spread of COVID in our community. Don’t slack off now. Shen is in it together!