My daughter has been complaining that her afternoon bus driver drives like a mad man. She has complained for several weeks so i went and waited at her stop to see the bus speed to our stop. We live in an area with a limit of 30mph ahe was going a good 45 and my daughter always complains about being knocked around going way too fast and coming off the bus feeling sick from being tossed around. If this does not get fixed i will call someone bigger. It is route 415p in high school east. Other children have confirmed the driver goes too fast and several kids feel sick after they get off. I dont know if she is in a rush to just get her job done but this is rediculous!!

Written by on June 13, 2017 in Grapevine

A.  Thank you for sharing your concerns with us. It would very helpful if we had the actual date you observed this driver and if you could give us the actual location so we can look at our GPS data. At any rate, we will look into this issue and counsel the driver.