My daughter is Jewish and she was telling me Shen is having specific rooms for Muslim students to go pray during their holiday. She said these students do not have to go to class and can stay in the room all day. I think its nice of you guys to do but on Jewish holidays my daughter needs to pray to and Shen has never done this for Jewish children. If Shen is going to allow prayer for one religion they should do it for all. I find it disrespectful that you are respecting one religion tp pray all day and have rooms but for others you are not

Written by on May 24, 2017 in Grapevine

A. Actually these rooms are available to all students for this purpose.  It is not true that students do not have to go to class and can stay in there all day and we have always allowed individuals to pray in school. 

The reality is that the high school recently heard from a local Imam and Rabbi, during two separate faculty meetings, to help faculty and administration better understand the needs of students they work with.  The goal is not to favor any one religion, but to give those who need support, due to their religious obligations, an opportunity to be free of undue stress. 

We don’t want students to have to choose between their religious obligations and their educational obligations. That is why the district is closed for some of the highest holy days for other religions. 

A major initiative this year at the high school has been to learn how we can better support all students, regardless of religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender, or economic status.

An e-mail was sent to all parents about the use of these rooms. It specifically states:

“In an attempt to make reasonable accommodations for students and employees to meet their personal religious obligations, room 65 in High School West and room 109 in High School East have been set aside so students can incorporate this important aspect of their religion into their daily activities while at school.”

The e-mail mentioned the Muslim religion specifically because Ramadan begins next week and we wanted to make those families aware.

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