My understanding is the support staff has been greatly affected by the quarantine process due to the positive cases throughout the district. It’s not just the actual cases that affect the educational process and the stability for the students, it’s the continual loss of staff..staff that are crucial to the continuity of learning and structure for the students. There is so much to consider when people are arguing for or against 100% virtual. It’s not an easy answer, with so many variables. However, the #1 priority is the students and with all the subs, in so many positions, are they really getting quality days at school when in-person right now? I don’t know that any of us know for sure. I just want to thank the entire staff, especially to those behind the scenes that don’t get the accolades, that are risking their health everyday to support and nurture our kids.

Written by on December 16, 2020

A. Thanks for the feedback…we too applaud the work of many to keep schools open and provide a quality learning experience, both in-person and virtually.