On May 4th, you stated that only one business Broadway Marketing completed the RFP that led to the Shen Shop. The other business you mentioned where sent then RFP didn’t complete the RFP because it said bookstore items and that Booster Clubs business would not be part of this. The vendors were given wrong information. The Broadway Marketing Shen Shop has many short falls. It doesn’t offer personalization which is a problem when all the kids have same sweatshirt take off and put in a pile. It is overpriced compared to the other vendors and limited originality. The Spring sports store offered the word Shen and then your sports team underneath it. Where is the originality among teams? Just because you only got one RFP doesn’t mean you have to accept it if it isn’t in the best interest of the students. The Booster clubs work very hard to make money for their teams to be able compete and have a wonderful experience. Parents give generously of their time and efforts and this is a slap in the face to say they need monitoring.

Written by on May 24, 2017 in Grapevine

A. That is not true, the RFP did not say bookstore items. At the end of the day, these are Shenendehowa teams and clubs and the district is ultimately responsible. With that being said, the district is in the process of creating licensing agreements for use of logos by other shops. This will solve many of the issues.