On the day there was a two hour delay after the snow day, I arrived late to school due to being trapped in my house by waist deep snow. No cars were able to leave my house nor was any person able to go out any door. Our drive way being large and steep makes it nearly impossible to clear with a shovel with out it taking hours of time so, we hire help. The snowplow could not come until 10am the next day so, there was no possible way to make it to school on time; yet when I came in with a parent note, this was still marked as illegal. I don’t see how this is fair due to the fact that I had no options. I drive to school and the bus no longer comes to my stop, per the districts request seeing as I dont take it. So, what was I supposed to do and why do I deserve a tardy?

Written by on December 20, 2019

A. Because you were tardy.