On the Shen website, summer work for math is listed by class/grade. For Algebra, it says “If you have a shenschools account, please join the Summer Algebra Practice Google Classroom using the code: [xxxx]”. My daughter would like to do the math over the summer but all of the 8th grade students had their Chromebooks collected the last day of school. Why is work being given but the students don’t have the tools to access it? Same with her Social Studies summer assignment (9th grade Honors) – the textbook they need to read is online and not in hard copy. And the SS is a mandatory assignment. Please advise.

Written by on August 9, 2019

A. Students do not need their Chromebooks to access the math summer practice.  The work can be accessed on any computer through a shenschools account OR by clicking on the links on the page.  If having a computer is the issue, some students go use the public library’s computers to complete the work.