Regarding the comment on 3-16-17 referring to the state of emergency that was declared by Gov. Cuomo on 3-13-17, it was for all 62 counties in NYS, not just NYC, as was stated in the Grapevine response. Here is a link to the governor’s website regarding the state of emergency for that blizzard. Why are Shen employees being told they need to make up for the missed day of work on 3-14-17 when they were directed by the governor not to travel that day? Many state offices across NY were closed as well as federal, and those employees are not being charged with leave or being told they need to come in an extra day to make up for lost hours. I understand the children need to be at school for so many days of the year, but employees should not be penalized during a state of emergency.

Written by on March 30, 2017 in Grapevine

A.  That reply did not say that it was only NYC, it was merely making a point that there was a state of emergency declared in NYC and then no major storm materialized. That is why we don’t call snow days in advance.

The change in the calendar was due to an error and had nothing to do with snow days. We only noticed the error when we started counting to see if had to make up for Snow Days by cutting into a school vacation. We do not have to cut into a school vacation because we in fact have ample days, barring the need for a 5th snow day. 

As far as the impact on snow days due to State of Emergency…

A declaration of a State of Emergency by the Governor due to adverse weather conditions does not authorize the school districts affected to operate an annual session of less than 180 days. If a district falls below 180 days of session, scheduled vacation (summer) days must be used as session days to have a minimum of 180 days.

This is the guidance document provided by the NYSED:

Governor Cuomo has declared a state of emergency, beginning at midnight on March 14, 2017, across all 62 counties in New York State based on anticipated weather conditions associated with the extreme winter storm that is expected to bring heavy snowfall and high winds throughout New York tonight into tomorrow.

While school district officials should follow normal procedures in determining whether school should be closed due to inclement weather, the safety of students and staff should always be of paramount concern.

For school districts that determine that school closure is advisable, information regarding State Aid and the 180 days of session requirement can be found at:

Thank you for all you do to keep our students and school communities safe.